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My Ranch

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How To Identify The Three Main Deer

The three main deer that are hunted in the United States are Blacktail, Whitetail, and Mule deer. I am going to tell you how to tell them apart whether you're looking at the antlers or the body. Blacktail are mainly on the pacific coast and Whitetail are on the east coast and go inland. Mule deer are in some of the same places as Blacktail  but also are in Mexico and states in the middle of the US. To the right you will see a picture of a Blacktail buck this one is larger than your average Blacktail you would see but they do get that big on ranches mainly. Blacktail have a smaller head than Mule and whitetail deer and a smaller body. The easiest way for me to tell them apart is the antlers and the tail as the Blacktail as you might have guessed has black on its tail and Whitetail have white.

Whitetail antlers go flat with the ears and aim forward with the points sticking straight up as you can see in the image to the left the tail is white and they have a bigger body than the Blacktail above. I have never hunted Whitetail before but I want to and plan on it but I like hunting Bleacktail because I think the antlers look a lot better and the meat tastes really good.

Mule deer have a similar looking antler to a Blacktail but as you can see in the image below they tend to be bigger. Mule deer are the biggest bodied of these three and are more desired to hunt that the other two. i wouldn't have to travel far to hunt mule deer as there are some in California but there are no Whitetail as I know of in California. I hope this information helps you identify the deer you see.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Field And Stream The Total Deer Hunter Manual Review

Now this is a mans book that has all the information you would need to go hunting. Everything in the book was written by Scott Bestul and Dave Hurteau who have hands on experience on everything they write about. The whole book is full of very interesting information about the world of hunting. This book includes a lot of pictures and diagrams that help explain a lot of hunting tips they write about.

 If you were looking to get started hunting and have never hunted before this book would be something I recommend, but this book lacks info on blacktail deer and hunting in areas like ours in humboldt county and that just shows you it takes a certain amount of skill to hunt the beautiful place I live in, or no one out of state wants to come to California.