My Ranch

My Ranch

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How To Identify The Three Main Deer

The three main deer that are hunted in the United States are Blacktail, Whitetail, and Mule deer. I am going to tell you how to tell them apart whether you're looking at the antlers or the body. Blacktail are mainly on the pacific coast and Whitetail are on the east coast and go inland. Mule deer are in some of the same places as Blacktail  but also are in Mexico and states in the middle of the US. To the right you will see a picture of a Blacktail buck this one is larger than your average Blacktail you would see but they do get that big on ranches mainly. Blacktail have a smaller head than Mule and whitetail deer and a smaller body. The easiest way for me to tell them apart is the antlers and the tail as the Blacktail as you might have guessed has black on its tail and Whitetail have white.

Whitetail antlers go flat with the ears and aim forward with the points sticking straight up as you can see in the image to the left the tail is white and they have a bigger body than the Blacktail above. I have never hunted Whitetail before but I want to and plan on it but I like hunting Bleacktail because I think the antlers look a lot better and the meat tastes really good.

Mule deer have a similar looking antler to a Blacktail but as you can see in the image below they tend to be bigger. Mule deer are the biggest bodied of these three and are more desired to hunt that the other two. i wouldn't have to travel far to hunt mule deer as there are some in California but there are no Whitetail as I know of in California. I hope this information helps you identify the deer you see.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Field And Stream The Total Deer Hunter Manual Review

Now this is a mans book that has all the information you would need to go hunting. Everything in the book was written by Scott Bestul and Dave Hurteau who have hands on experience on everything they write about. The whole book is full of very interesting information about the world of hunting. This book includes a lot of pictures and diagrams that help explain a lot of hunting tips they write about.

 If you were looking to get started hunting and have never hunted before this book would be something I recommend, but this book lacks info on blacktail deer and hunting in areas like ours in humboldt county and that just shows you it takes a certain amount of skill to hunt the beautiful place I live in, or no one out of state wants to come to California.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Hunt

We are at our ranch in Blocksburg where my grandparents live. I woke up before the sun was anywhere in sight, I got dressed and put my boots on and went outside to wait for my dad. The air was cold but there was barely any wind. My dad came outside and we walked down to the other house where my great grandparents used to live. We got our guns out of the old house loaded them and took off. We walked past the barn and we could tell the wind was blowing up the hill so we walked to the top it takes about 20 minutes to hike to the top of our ranch. It starts out in the pepper wood trees and its dead silent, the birds aren't awake yet. Then we get to the edge of the bull pasture and follow the fence to the top while the bull watches us walk. I can now see the sunlight over the mountains, we started walking towards the back of our ranch we stopped to look for deer on the hillside like we always do but it was too early. We walked for maybe 15 minutes and then my dad spotted a set of antlers about 30 yards away. It was a sleeping buck. It had been able to watch us walk for 100 yards but luckily it was asleep. We were out in the open with no where to hide so we crouched down and then it saw us. It looked at us and stood up so we stood up and I aimed my gun and heard my dad say shoot it. I pulled the trigger and watched the buck drop and roll off a small hill. My adrenaline was pumping when we walked up to it I hit it right where I aimed, I hit it in the neck and killed it instantly. After gutting the buck we walked back to the house and me and my grandpa went to get and he helped me skin it.

Friday, January 23, 2015

God's Country

The main thing I love about hunting is being out in the woods away from the city in the peace and quiet of the country. Even when it's not hunting season I like to go out on my grandparents ranch and ride my quad or go on a walk usually with a gun to shoot small animals that don't have a season for hunting them, but I like to just sit down every once in a while and just look at the beautiful country I get to live in. When you're in the city you don't see the sunrise or the sunset or the morning fog that rolls through valley, nobody sees that in the city and they don't know what they are missing. If you get up at 6:00 am like I do to go hunting, me and my dad start walking before the sun rises and before any animals are awake so we see everything come to life when the sun rises.

We never see any deer until after the sun rises around 8:00 am when they come out to get warmed up in the sun. Bucks don't start to come out for another couple hours after all the does are out and are already eating. The time we see the most bucks are after hunting season when bucks are in the rut and they're looking for does. Every so often the fog makes it up to our ranch in the morning and blocks our view from everything while we're hunting and we have to wait for the sun to come up and break through the fog. The place i love to be the most is on our ranch where the fog rolls through the valley in the morning and it gets warm when the sun comes up.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hound Hunting

In 2013, they made it illegal to hunt bears with hound dogs of any breed in California.  California has a population of about 33,000 black bears and that number will be rising without the help of dogs while hunting them. In 2012, there were 1,962 black bears killed in California and in 2013 there were about 1,000 killed and that is a big difference. Since the ban there has been about a 40% decrease in bears killed and more and more bears have been spotted in neighborhoods.

The Los Angeles Times has an article talking about the ban on bear hunting with dogs and a California Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman said they are an average of about 24,000 bear tags sold every year and in 2013 they only sold 18,904 tags. California made this ban because they thought the bear population might get really low and they didn't want them to get wiped out, but now there are too many bears and I think the ban should be removed because a lot of people that hunted with dogs still use dogs because if you have a bunch a hunting dogs and all of a sudden you can't hunt with them anymore you are left with a bunch of useless dogs.

Now I've never hunted bears before but I know if I ever see one on my ranch i'm probably going to shoot it to protect our cows. People use dogs to track deer if they wound one because dogs are good a tracking and it's what they were made to do and everyone needs to realize they can ban hound hunting but they can't get rid of it. Bears are going to continue to show up in populated areas if they are not being hunted more and people are going to get attacked and killed by aggressive black bears.